C+C's Sustainability Shopping Guide

One way that Cord + Cobalt plans to help you shop with ease is providing a Sustainability Guide to all of our garments. We'll breakdown each item by tiers, one being the lowest level and three being the highest level in terms of sustainability. You'll find the sustainability marker and a link to our guide along with every product description, so you'll never have to wonder. We believe you should always be informed to make the best decision for you! We'll hustle and do the research, you have fun and shop! Whether you're looking for a step in the right direction or a leap into full-on sustainable, we've got your back! 

+ Level One,   ++ Level Two,   +++ Level Three

+ Level One: 

Deadstock fabrics and materials have already been produced and used by another designer, but now they are sitting around in a warehouse. These are the left-overs from their original manufacturing purpose, but instead of wasting these fabrics by throwing them in a landfill or through incineration, they are made available for purchase. Products made of these fabrics are limited-edition based on the fact that the material sourced will not be reproduced. 

Recycled fabrics are innovative alternatives for materials that would otherwise be immediate waste. By giving these materials another "life" through another means, we are helping to delay or remove the step to the landfill.  

++ Level Two: 

Natural base items are ones made of natural fibers, but we cannot confirm that they are organic. They are at their core of-the-earth and biodegradable, making them renewable resources. This can include items that have any kind of treatment to them whether that be a finish, color, or blend. 

+++ Level Three:

The creme-de-la-creme, it doesn't get more sustainable than this. For these products, to the best of our ability, we can confirm that the materials were grown organically, without pesticides, or have been treated in any way. All dyes are plant-based using flowers and herbs. All natural, all the time.

We'll be sure to let you Lovelies know if we ever make updates or changes to the Sustainability Guide! And as always, if you have any questions be sure to reach out to us! We are here for you!

3 Ways that Cord + Cobalt is going to end your shopping woes

Three of the key components of our business are providing fashions that are modest, sustainable, and stylish. Having worked in fashion retail for almost 10 years, I have met a lot of different women from many different walks of life. We would always chit-chat, but more specifically we would talk about what their needs were and over and over again I would hear the same things!

  • I am a mother of young, impressionable boys. This is super cute, but that cut isn’t going to work for me.

  • My daughter is only 12, she wants to be fashionable, but there is no way I’m letting her walk out of the house like that.

  • I work with children and I have a young child of my own, I am constantly sitting, standing, squatting, and lifting, I just can’t be worried about how my clothes are fitting. And I most certainly can’t be pulling on my clothes all the time.

  • I am an older woman who loves to travel, but I need to be cool no matter where I am.

  • I love to shop and follow the newest trends, but I’m not 20 anymore and I don’t want to look like I’m trying to be!

  • I need to be able to breathe in my clothes.

  • I work in a professional setting, I always shop with those conservative styles in mind first, but I still need casual clothes for weekends and days-off!

  • I don’t like certain fabrics, they always shrink or pill.

  • This is cute, but it’s so trendy, I’ll probably wear it once and then throw it away.

  • I want to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth!

LADIES! We hear you!!  

When Cord + Cobalt says modest, sustainable, stylish apparel, we have you in mind! We promise to make it easy on you!

You’ll find that our designs are functional for everyday living. Sit, squat, run, jump, keep up with your kiddos, and don’t sweat it - okay, we can’t promise you won’t sweat ;), but we can promise that you’ll never feel worried or embarrassed by a wardrobe malfunction on the playground or at the office.

You’ll also find our designs simple, yet colorful. We realize you don’t have time to stare at your closet and wonder what is going to work for all the different aspects of your day, and you certainly aren’t a self-proclaimed minimalist, you want your clothes to reflect the fun you find in life! You don’t live in a world of absolutes so your wardrobe shouldn’t be black and white either.

So, tell me, do you resonate with any of these women? Let me know in the comments! xo

Weekly Q+A, This Past Year

Hey Lovelies! It's Amy with Cord + Cobalt, I'm here for a little Q+A!

Today's question is pretty general, but it's one I get all the time. It's "Amy... what have you been up to?" And, I think, this question is for people, who more specifically, want to know what I've been up to this past year. 

Starting in Summer 2017, I was a part of an online cohort, taking classes and learning from a consultant about how to start a fashion business from ground-zero. It was a wonderful opportunity! I was able to join a community of like-minded individuals who were working on similar businesses, I gained access to a lot of resources within the apparel industry, and I had a hand to hold when I was really unsure about what step one was supposed to be. 

That was a six month program and some of the work you can see from that is my website. And I encourage you, if you haven't been, to go. It's CordandCobalt.com. And sign up for my emails in the pop-up form because that's where you're going to be the first to know about everything, especially promotions leading up to our launch! 

Thanks for watching! Make sure to drop those questions in the comments below! Thanks, guys!