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Weekly Q+A, Sewing Production

Hi Lovelies! It's Amy of Cord + Cobalt, back with a little Q+A!

Today's question is... Will I, personally, be sewing all of Cord + Cobalt's clothes?

The short answer to that question is no, I am however designing the clothes in my collection! 

And that means I'll sketch the design of each garment. I'll do all the research on the fabrics, fibers, notions, trends and fits. And I'll source and purchase all of the materials. 

I decide the technical elements of each design like the measurements and the button placements! And then I will hire a garment professional to perfect each piece! 

And then, I am forming partnerships with factories that already have the resources, like the people and industrial sewing machines, to actually manufacture the garments.

I am choosing to work with factories here in the USA and I'll be sure to explain all the reasons why I made that decision later on. So, make sure to sign up for my emails at and drop any more of those questions down in the comments below!

Alright, talk soon! Bye Friends!