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C+C's Sustainability Shopping Guide

One way that Cord + Cobalt plans to help you shop with ease is providing a Sustainability Guide to all of our garments. We'll breakdown each item by tiers, one being the lowest level and three being the highest level in terms of sustainability. You'll find the sustainability marker and a link to our guide along with every product description, so you'll never have to wonder. We believe you should always be informed to make the best decision for you! We'll hustle and do the research, you have fun and shop! Whether you're looking for a step in the right direction or a leap into full-on sustainable, we've got your back! 

+ Level One,   ++ Level Two,   +++ Level Three

+ Level One: 

Deadstock fabrics and materials have already been produced and used by another designer, but now they are sitting around in a warehouse. These are the left-overs from their original manufacturing purpose, but instead of wasting these fabrics by throwing them in a landfill or through incineration, they are made available for purchase. Products made of these fabrics are limited-edition based on the fact that the material sourced will not be reproduced. 

Recycled fabrics are innovative alternatives for materials that would otherwise be immediate waste. By giving these materials another "life" through another means, we are helping to delay or remove the step to the landfill.  

++ Level Two: 

Natural base items are ones made of natural fibers, but we cannot confirm that they are organic. They are at their core of-the-earth and biodegradable, making them renewable resources. This can include items that have any kind of treatment to them whether that be a finish, color, or blend. 

+++ Level Three:

The creme-de-la-creme, it doesn't get more sustainable than this. For these products, to the best of our ability, we can confirm that the materials were grown organically, without pesticides, or have been treated in any way. All dyes are plant-based using flowers and herbs. All natural, all the time.

We'll be sure to let you Lovelies know if we ever make updates or changes to the Sustainability Guide! And as always, if you have any questions be sure to reach out to us! We are here for you!

Why Retail Needs Redeeming

I’ve worked in retail for a while, I'm coming up on 10 years in the industry. The longer I’m in it, the more aware I am of how our modern retail structure needs redemption!

Did you know that textile manufacturing, including the apparel industry, is the second largest polluter in the world? 

In a time when technology and information are easily accessible, the retail world is an exception and continues to be a mysterious beast to many of us. For such a HUGE industry, there is particularly little information we, as consumers, know or seemingly understand about the products we purchase on a regular basis. Well, this blog is here to change that. I wish to start a conversation with you in hopes that we would come to learn more about the retail industry and the significant impact it makes on our world. From the tiniest of purchases, to the monster that is global logistics, I hope and pray that this blog here on Cord + Cobalt would become a resource for you, not only in educating yourself for smart decision-making while shopping, but also in how together we can better contribute to social issues all over the world. 

Some things we will talk about in our hopes for redeeming retail:

  • What environmental factors are involved in redeeming retail
  • Who are the movers and shakers that are starting conversations or making steps for change in the industry
  • Where are the individuals affected by our consumer decisions and what does their life look like on a day-to-day basis
  • What are some ways that our decision making can control an outcome
  • Why we should be aware of the entities of retail and care about how our retailers manage their businesses

As we go along please feel free to comment and contribute to the conversation. I would love to know your thoughts and any recommendations for topics of discussion or literature to check out!