Where am I in Developing My Business, Part 1

In June 2017, a friend and I went to grab a drink at a new bar in town and catch up on life. We both had been going through particularly busy seasons. She was wrapping up her final pursuits toward her PhD and I was working all the time. I shared with her my frustrations with my job because although I was finding success quickly, I knew I had no long-term growth opportunities and there wasn’t any real positive benefits from all my labor. My friend, equally passionate about creating valuable change for others through professions, could understand my frustrations since she was neck-deep in writing her dissertation and not doing much else at the time.

A few nights before we met, I was browsing the internet on my phone, falling down the rabbit-hole that is Twitter, when I stumbled upon a non-profit organization called Fashion Revolution based in the UK. I thought their work in educating consumers about who made their clothes was interesting and I wondered if they had a US branch. I get on their website, and sure enough they did! I quickly researched the members of the board who’s bios peaked my interest, and that’s how I found my consultant, Shannon, and learned about her online cohort.

Chatting with my friend, I tell her about my findings and she encourages me to pursue the program. It genuinely seemed too good to be true! I told her how I was totally game, but the real challenge would be convincing my husband.

The biggest push was that the application for the program was closing in two days and if I didn’t try, the opportunity would slide by for another year. I felt that I couldn’t put my dream on hold any longer. I was so amped! If I waited, not only would the opportunity fly right out the window, but my enthusiasm right along with it! I convinced my husband and applied just hours before the deadline. The best thing was that I found out I was accepted the very next day! And there it was, my permission to press go…

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Weekly Q+A, Where to Purchase

Hi Lovelies! It's Amy with Cord + Cobalt back with a little Q+A

Todays question is where will our items be sold?

There are two factors for making this decision. First, as a means to not produce an exorbitant amount of waste and have our designs exclusive, we need to keep lean inventory levels and we don't want to be over-ambitious with consumer demand. We want to be able to sell what we make and make what we know we can sell. 

Secondly, we all see it and statistics confirm it, but most people primarily shop online. All of that being said, you'll be able to find all of Cord + Cobalt's products online, on our website, CordandCobalt.com! 

Hopefully as our company grows we'll be able to meet you personally and bring you all of our newest designs! But for now, one thing at a time, and thanks for following along! Be sure to check out our Instagram account to see behind the scenes photos and video stories! 

We'll talk soon! Be sure to drop those questions in the comments! Bye, Friends!

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Weekly Q+A, Sewing Production

Hi Lovelies! It's Amy of Cord + Cobalt, back with a little Q+A!

Today's question is... Will I, personally, be sewing all of Cord + Cobalt's clothes?

The short answer to that question is no, I am however designing the clothes in my collection! 

And that means I'll sketch the design of each garment. I'll do all the research on the fabrics, fibers, notions, trends and fits. And I'll source and purchase all of the materials. 

I decide the technical elements of each design like the measurements and the button placements! And then I will hire a garment professional to perfect each piece! 

And then, I am forming partnerships with factories that already have the resources, like the people and industrial sewing machines, to actually manufacture the garments.

I am choosing to work with factories here in the USA and I'll be sure to explain all the reasons why I made that decision later on. So, make sure to sign up for my emails at CordandCobalt.com and drop any more of those questions down in the comments below!

Alright, talk soon! Bye Friends!